Felipe Torres Figueroa

Biomedical Engineer with emphasis on Computer Vision


I'm interested in Machine Learning and Computer Vision (CV), on new technologies or applications. At this moment, I'm working on Biomedical Images (namely bone age assessment) via classification/regression, although I'm interested in image segmentation, NLP and unsupervised learning methods; alongside the biomedical applications that can be achieved with CV.
Ever since I joined the Biomedical Computer Vision Group at Universidad de los Andes, under the tutelage of professor Pablo Arbeláez; I developed an special interest towards research on image analysis, specially with Deep Learning. In addition to that I have grown to enjoy the academia; since 2016 I wanted to become a researcher in the area. In October 2020 I started my PhD thesis in Interpretable recognition at École Centrale Marseille, on the research team QARMA.


An ImageJ plugin for the high throughput image analysis of in vitro scratch wound healing assays
A. Suarez, F. Torres, C. Clavijo, P. Arbeláez, J. Cruz, C. Muñoz.
PLOS ONE, 2020.
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Countor: count without bells and whistles
A. Ospina, F. Torres.
CVPR Workshop, 2020.
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Hand Pose Estimation for Pediatric Bone Age Assessment
M. C. Escobar, C. I. González, F. Torres, L. Daza, G. Triana and P. Arbeláez.
MICCAI-2019 Oral.
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An Empirical Study on Global Bone Age Assessment
F. Torres, C.I. González, M.C. Escobar, L. Daza, G. Triana and P. Arbeláez.
15th International Conference on Medical Information Processing and Analysis (SIPAIM), 2019
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Bone Age Detection via Carpogram Analysis using Convolutional Neural Networks.
F. Torres, M. A. Bravo, E. Salinas, G. Triana and P. Arbeláez.
13th International Conference on Medical Information Processing and Analysis (SIPAIM), 2017
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I'm a Colombian Biomedical Engineer doing my PhD in Applied Mathematics at École Centrale Marseille, France. I'm 26 years old, passionate about music, history and astronomy. During my undergraduate I grew passion towards programming and since then I've been working on Computer Vision under the supervission of my advisor Pablo Arbeláez. I love jogging, spending time looking at the sky and listening to music; specially if I can reproduce it when playing my guitar or bass. Whenever I have the means to, I also build scale models of planes of the WWII era.